J Curtis Insurance News


We are pleased to introduce you to our improved website! We want you to know this is just one of many technology upgrades being implemented to better serve our current and future clients.

Please note with the tie-in of this site we will be utilizing new contact email addresses which are: 1stName@jcurtisinsurance.com. This is not only easier on your memory, but also brings a higher degree of security and serviceability to us all.

Capitalizing on these enhancements we will be using, when possible, a digital format with which to communicate to our clients and vendors. This is not only a service improvement for you, but will also allow us to support the “Green Movement” that has been embraced by most, including the insurance industry. To start, we will now be sending policies on CD. As we capture more email addresses approved by you for data sharing we will convert all forms and data transmittal to email.

Clients please provide us with an email address for this new improved usage at your earliest convenience. This will allow you to benefit from these upgrades and improved services as soon as possible.

J. Curtis & Associates would like to thank David Canham of DL Concepts for his assistance in developing these improvements and helping us better serve our clients.